Tomcat for your protection (tomcatshanger) wrote,
Tomcat for your protection

What if?

Let's play a game of "what if?"

What if the SWAT team in Detroit hadn't kicked in the front door of the downstairs apartment, but had instead knocked on the door after surrounding the building?

They have ballistic shields for the door knocker to take cover behind, so the risk of the bad guy shooting through the door can be addressed.

This could trigger a fire fight, and the folks inside could die as a result. Yet that would be the bad guy initiating force, actively putting the occupants at risk, and the occupants sure as hell have a say in the matter. If the SWAT team is both lucky and good, they might be able to take out the bad guy as soon as he initiates force.

A stand off could ensue. This could tie up this SWAT team and their backup for a period of time, but would probably end without a dead child.

Of coarse, the bad guy could just give himself up.

What they did up in Detroit was have their version of a SWAT team (Special Response Team, SRT) knock announce, then kick in the front door late after midnight early Sunday morning. One of the officers had his damn finger on the trigger of his firearm, and after interacting with the grand mother somehow (Later Sunday, police spokesman John Roach said the officer and grandmother may have simply collided.) shot and killed the 7 year old girl.

Oh, and the badguy was not living in the same apartment as the dead 7 year old girl. "Police say they got their man but have not said if he was arrested in the raid on the downstairs or upstairs apartment"

It's not as if they didn't know about the two different apartments either.
"He said the search warrant allowed police to search both the downstairs and upstairs units."

Are we going to stop killing innocent people anytime soon?

Here's a fun article to close on: Girl Suffers Gunshot Wound to the Head
The police chief says in the last six months, a three-year-old was shot and killed in Detroit, and there have been other accidental shootings involving children. He says there are too many guns in the city and too many irresponsible gun owners.

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