Tomcat for your protection (tomcatshanger) wrote,
Tomcat for your protection

Swat teams kills Marine, no film at 11

What's the term I've been accused of again?

Oh yeah, of being a Cop Hater, or a Cop Basher.

When the police murder a Marine in his own home, it's real hard for me not to hate.

A Marine whom the local Jack Booted Thugs (I'm sorry, Law Enforcement Officers) say fired first even though his safety was on was hit 60 times.

SIXTY. By what is supposed to be a god damn Police Department. Not a damned fire team, not but the opposing forces in Iraq. By POLICE OFFICERS. In his own damn home. For having the audacity to be armed when investigating folks breaking into it.

Oh, and they couldn't be bothered to treat his gun shot wounds, nor allow anyone else to treat them.
The Sheriff's Department operator said people at the scene wanted the medical help to stay back because they might be dealing with a "barricaded subject."
This is from the Cops that are already inside the damned home!

I don't hate Cops in general. But I sure as hell hate the Cops who murder my fellow citizens in their own homes.

Officer Safety has become all consuming. That's very cute. No, really, it is. It would be a serious thing for me, instead of a cute BS excuse, if cops didn't KILL US in the name of Officer Safety.

Are we at the point in our police state where we have to assume that the intruders at our door might have the protection of the government on their side?

What is a free citizen to do?
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